the second album by The Frye is the last album by Hank and Rita

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Minneapolis Southwest Journal

The original soundtrack to the stage performance. It's the retrospective album of Hank and Rita's long career, proudly featuring their two Top 100 hits, their personal favorites as well as two brand new songs fresh from their 1986 tour. Featuring the hottest band possible thanks to Lehi Gertz, Billy Steiner, Mike Pengra, Dave Pengra and Tom Husting. Engineered at Studio Six in Mankato by Adam Eichten. Produced by Joe Tougas for Are You Guys Married? Music.

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Ann with Naomi, Naomi with awesome T-shirt.

Ann with Naomi, Naomi with awesome T-shirt.

Back (top) and front (bottom). Got that?

Back (top) and front (bottom). Got that?